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An Audio Immersive Experinece

Discover the stories of artists on the frontline in Ukraine as you walk the streets of Liverpool With Fire and Rage. An immersive audio experience, it combines testimony with photography, visual art, poetry and music. All you need is a smartphone and headphones to explore the powerful role creativity plays in the face of invasion. 


Narratives take you from music concerts in metro stations during air raids, to rescuing artworks out of cities as rockets fall, to creating subversive street art under russian occupation. Urgent stories expose attempts to eradicate the country’s cultural identity - a tactic of war - highlighting the human cost behind standing up to an empire. 


As you walk through Liverpool, hear stories of creative resistance at key public and cultural locations, of those protecting Ukraine’s spirit rise up from the city streets. 

Created by Parade-Fest & Artists On The Frontline 

Commissioned by Culture Liverpool for the EuroFestival 2023


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A digital platform for artist-led citizen journalism

July 2023 saw the most brutal invasion of Jenin Refugee Camp since the 2nd Intifada. As attacks continue, artists are responding by reporting and recording what they are witnessing.


MAYDAY is a digital platform hosting these personal insights and providing a window into Jenin Camp.

Created with The Freedom Theatre and Artists On The Frontline

the revolution's promise

Mass Mobilisation & Global Solidarity Project

The 4th April 2022, will be the 11th anniversary of the murder of Juliano Mer Khamis, Artistic Director and founder of The Freedom Theatre.

We are inviting friends, activists and artists around the world to join The Revolution's Promise, a global collaboration and campaign celebrating cultural resistance in Palestine and highlighting the continued attacks on artists in an  attempt to silence a generation.

The Freedom Theatre and Artists On The Frontline

the revolution's promise

Virtual Reality Experience


‘In A Thousand Silences’ is a virtual reality experience celebrating Palestinian cultural resistance whilst highlighting the brutal censorship of artists.

Using the latest digital technology, audiences are immersed in locations across Palestine, from the desert to the mountains, Jenin Refugee Camp and theatres, both ancient and new.  

Combining dance, music, poetry and storytelling with performances from some of Palestine's most renowned artists, including actor Mohammad Bakri, musician Suhail Khoury and poet Dareen Tatour. 

in a thousand silences

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Based on Ahmed Tobasi’s personal coming of age story, AND HERE I AM is an epic voyage of identity and self discovery. Combining fact and fantasy, tragedy and comedy, spanning both the first Palestinian intifada and the second, we follow the protagonist through his transformation from armed resistance fighter to artist,  his journey as a refugee in the West Bank to Norway and then back again.


Reimagining the Cultural Ecosystem

Using the metaphor of home, we questioned and mapped the areas of crisis that are affecting independent cultural workers and artists.


Each room holds provocations in the form of questions, sometimes for ourselves but mostly directed at the institutions, funders, and large-scale organisations in positions of power, to challenge the toxic and oppressive work systems that we find ourselves in.

Click the link to discover this crisis map.



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